This project is based on the concept that still some improvement in the human society are needed. All problems aren’t really well managed, especially those related to occupations, employment opportunities; in other words, it can happen that, at the same time people looking for a job cannot find an employment as well as many company got some difficulties finding the staff. Here is what I propose to address these problems:      


The placement agency

(1 In Project)   


1. Employments agency , which is a useful thing, in my opinion should be managed in a completely different way from how it has always been. To make me understand better, should be handled as a dating agency.


2. If, let's say, someone is wanting to make a female acquaintances, you can join one of those agencies, and in the meantime some other way, did get acquainted with some of the girls that have nothing to do with that agency.


3. To understand if it is a big mistake employ people only through the Employment Agency, there is nothing left to do but make the comparison with the Dating Agency.


4. In fact, as it would be ridiculous to require customers to reach  a marriage only with girls through agencies, just as it is to force employers to hire people only through the Employment Agency.


5. The usefulness of the Office of placement is great, but at the same time, you have the freedom to leave (staff and employers) to contact each other as they see fit, the Employment Agency could become only an additional support for those who do not know who to contact..


6. As just one example, I once heard from a hair dresser  that he wanted to expand, expand the shop and hire new staff, but being forced to hire people not chosen by him, but imposed by the job Placement, so he gave up the project. If it is multiplied by thousands of people across the state, we can imagine how many opportunities were lost in providing employment to people.



To Encourage Employers

(2 ° In Project)


In my opinion, another thing that might help a lot to fight unemployment is what I am going to expose. I am not an economist or a banker, I recognize that this second sub-project should be completed and reviewed by someone expert in Economics and Commerce. The point in question is the following: for all those who have capital in the bank, you could organize the scale of interest, for example, when the deposited capital reaches or exceeds a certain amount (to be determined), you will reduce the interest for the customer and if the capital exceeds another roof, you will reduce it again. On the other hand, if someone has a capital and he decide to invest it in some activities, it should be exempt from taxes, as on his own initiative risk the capital, provides jobs for people, and will produces and provide services to the Country.    For this reason, to organize groups of level: the more the employer will offer employment to a number of people, the more will be facilitated by taxes. The fees will be paid by the employees who will be glad to pay for them, as it is better for them to pay taxes and work, rather than stay at home unemployed, without paying. In fact, if the company is in a financial crisis, bounded ton shut down would be worst. To understand this mechanism, we have to think of a phrase of Churchill is as follows: "A private company at times is a ferocious tiger, sometimes a cow to be milked, but most of the time is a mule pulling a heavy wagon "(It 's clear that if someone with the initiatives and enthusiasm, is charged of fees before having the time to make money, this one will close the company (most likely he woldn’t neither open it)), removing the opportunity for many people to work). A this regard, I see the problem fit into anotherthis is another way to see unemployment. According to me it would be nice to change the tax system in this way:   



1.Avoid any kind of technicality that only serves to complicate life and encourage tax evaders, therefore, tend to simplify everything.

2.The simplification is as follows: on any product on the market, put a mark that could be 20%, for a coffee that you take the Bar, to the supply of raw material to the industries buy from somewhere and then work it in its laboratories or factories.


3.Who will evade taxes in this case, should live as hermits depriving themselves of everything, but how you decide to do a little shopping, here you pay taxes with that twenty percent more than you are forced to pay.


 4.If you decide to buy a house that costs 200 000 000 000, (I speak of Lire) you will pay 220,000 instead, will then worry about who you sold it to the offices of the Inland Revenue pay the 20 billion more that you have already paid as tax while 'act of purchase.   


5. Practically for users, there should be no other concern but to pull money out of the tax and that, at the moment of purchase of any product.   


6. It is the task of those who sold you something, payable to the Office of the Treasury the sum, but this will be part of his work and especially not his money so there will be discontent.   


7. Returning to the employer that uses its funds to provide jobs, it is said that it should not pay taxes, because he is going to pay for purchases of a personal nature (and has no money, make more expensive purchases, always paying 20% more), and for the purpose of work, in fact all the expenses for its management of the firm, light, purchase of raw materials, tools, etc.. Always will pay 20% more for taxes.



This system of taxation in my opinion, should be 90% percent of all tax mechanism, if not the only one, other than that as we have said, for those with substantial deposits in the bank are not used for activities and businesses. If there were, I would probably create the Faculties in which learners, taught by teachers who are personalities from the business world, can experience or practice in this way, open activities, perhaps with cash funds of the University itself . Coming back to the main subject, after all, who has considerable capital, always has a certain responsibility even moral to the people, he keeps to himself the potential that could be of benefit to society it is good to create, to these people, stimuli in this regard. I also believe that for banks there should be no problem because I do not think that everyone will withdraw their capital to invest in businesses, with those who remain so, banks will save refraining interest. They also may create agreements that oblige employers to pay employees by paying the salary on CC the bank where the employer has taken the capital to start his business. what I just mentioned, is a very general, susceptible to many changes, from the results anticipated in part and in any case as I have already said, it should be reviewed by specialists in the field. The third and fourth point, which I will discuss in a moment, in my opinion, are the most important part of the project, all those who see the problem as a whole and not in some respects sector as in the two previous proposals seen now as the bottom , there are only two small portions, like two appetizers, the main course is what we will see.



Cooperative As Only Way To Produce

(3 ° In Project)


This point and what follows, as has been said, are the main part of the entire project which is based on philosophical principles which solve the problem at the root. The concept is as follows, to live you must consume and consume, you create the needs and opportunities of new jobs. To clear this point, it is sufficent to consider what we consume during a day of work, and I will give you an example: in the morning, you take a cappuccino with a pastry well, milk, coffee and sugar then: breeding of cows, coffee plantations and beets.    In the pastries instead, we find flour, jam and of course the processing of the material, which means: pastry, cultivation of wheat, mills grind, and so on. Now if you think that everything that is produced by these structures is squandered in a matter of less than a quarter of an hour, not counting what is consumed at lunch and dinner (we have deliberately omitted to mention the clothing sector, otherwise the discussion would become too long.



After my introduction, here is what I’m proposing   


1. Create Maxi Cooperative (more or less as big as the Fiat of Turin) in these cooperatives, producing not a single article, but many articles, practically all, or almost all, items that are used for a person's life.


2. Consequently, one might divide this large company into two major bands, the production sector and the sales one, however, all belonging to a single management.


3. The manufacturing sector, which in turn could be divided into two other areas, the food and non-food (clothing, stationery, hardware, etc.)


4. The manner of payment of employees could be organized into two age salary, the first, which is independent of the hierarchical position of the employee, will be established on the basis of her marital status or, to the personal needs of the employee, of course documented, and the other will be based on the hierarchical position.   


5. In the first mode (the one based on documented family needs) the wage will be exchanged with products as most of the items essential to the life of a man are produced by the Cooperative.   


6. There is in this respect, a problem which is as follows: payment in kind is the cheapest, but also the most uncomfortable and the more subtle, as it is very easy to check the goods given in this way.


7. To this end, in order to obviate this drawback, here is what will be the payment procedure in nature:


8. Each employee will receive a coupon type ATM, but unlike the normal one, it will be an ATM inside that you can use only approved in supermarkets or forming part of that particular cooperative. Of course, the owner of that card will never see the money written on his behalf, they cannot "pick up", but simply on the basis of the theoretical figure that will have monthly (following the list which will cover his personal situation), you can do its spending in supermarkets belonging to the cooperative and pay the cashier with that kind of ATM (if you decide to go shopping in another supermarket, the ATM would not count).   


9. Therefore there will be a round of money with that coupon, but only a theoretical count of money; example, the employee has the right to make an expenditure that I know, of € 1,500 per month, well then you can get in any supermarket combined with cooperative in question and within a month can fill your cart for a total amount that is within that figure.


10. If this person wants to speculate and make savings by purchasing only the value of € 1,000, instead of 1,500 in a month, in order to get credit in the future, the worse for him, because the first day of the following month, your account theoretical (set up for regular payment in kind) would be completely cleared and thus lose the opportunity to have the goods to the value of 500 Euro, all this in order to avoid complications difficult to control over time.   


11. The other kind of payment of wages to employees (in any sector they belong to, production or sale) now is based on the hierarchical position of the employee which will vary depending on the importance of the assignment or the role it occupies in the company.


12. This payment will be paid in percentages; example: the company within that period of time, has sold a lot, each employee, depending on the position occupied, will have a percentage just like it does for songs submitted to the SIAE so that the more the song has happened, the gain is high (on the basis of percentages).


13. Similarly, the cooperative has sold more so, the more money adjusted percentages will rise and so on.   


14. My point of view, the advantage is huge because first of all, the payment in kind and above all set as I said, is very economical as the employee consumes what’s produced. Payment is like “commissions” on a  percentage base. The owners of the Cooperative are not likely to pull out money repayable but what they pay, they are sure to have realized a gain because, as I said, the payment in this case, is in percentages; more you sell and bigger is your earning.   


15. If by some misfortune, sales aren’t really lucky, the owners may not produce any profit, but he won’t never occurs in bankruptcy because the payment is made from what is produced. Since there is a daily production, there won’t be a permanent condition of “unlucky sales”, better days will arrive. Concerning the percentage on sales something else need to be said as the employee’s wages will reduce cause of the unsold products.   


16. I believe that in this way the employees should be satisfied, as the crises can be bad but at least the basic need are self-satisfied as the whole cooperative works for itself. The percentage of commissions, out of the total sales can be affected, but the crises won’t affect the basic need of a person.


17. Even if for a short period of time, the payslip is just around let’s say, 50 Euro, when everything, almost, is “free” basically paid with the employee account mentioned before, What’s the problem than?! Those 50 Euros can be saved without any problem! Imagine then, if sales goes up they will increase the commission in every payslip. It is clear that the supermarkets or department stores belonging to the Cooperative previously mentioned, will sell products not only to the Cooperative workers, but to any possible customers too!   


18. It might be a great idea for the Government to create a maxi competitions for Companies C.E.O.s , in order to form the specialized teams. The winners of these hypothetical contests, will get the chance to receive a big loan. This capital (which will be returned to the Government with interest) in order to establish this cooperative with the above characteristics.   


19. Once this team has recovered the capital with interest to be returned to the Government, after paying taxes directly proportion to the cooperative profit, you can improve your economical situation, of course more people will be interested to run this “new” business. More Cooperatives means less unemployment risk.


20. Still a little clarification for better understanding of the whole mechanism: this cooperative that produces everything, still need to be divided into sectors, because the personnel have to be more than qualified, being able to offer the best service possible.      


This is a summary of the project. I think that if this theory, obviously reviewed by expert will be able to bring employment as well as a diffuse and general wellness for the whole society.



Assistance Forces

(4 ° In Project)


Now, another proposal to make lighter the unemployment problem. This advice does not solve the problem in detail, but should create the conditions for the society to be able to face any type of “emergency” situations. Just another example to help you to understand, I will take as an example a guy with a kitchen full of dirty dishes to wash (the famous song by Lucio Battisti), or sinking in the dirt and burns the house (better not), or rolls up his sleeves and start get busy.    Suppose that a young couple on holiday decides to invite some friend for dinner. After the nice meal someone should start washing the dishes, obviously none is willing to do so but someone have to. But, let’s suppose that one of the friend wants to give him a hand with the washing  none will say no! But, obviously everything will be quicker and the kitchen will be quickly tidy up and everyone will able to enjoy the rest of the night. None will be worried “We finished already, what are we going to do now?” Using the basis of this concept, my proposal is as follows: create in today's society the same mechanisms of group co-worker, the example must be structured in large, as this was a domestic example, so that people are more involved in any kind of job, everything will be shared, from the burdens to the free time, so people will be able to enjoy fully of their job.



To achieve all this, in my opinion, we need a welfare service of the highest quality, which is in fact aid, creating the conditions for making the population “self-helping” and not being helped with subsidies from the government. How the Welfare Service can do all this? By the Army in this regard here is the need to revolutionize the concept of Army Military (which is why I mentioned earlier in the absolute necessity to change the mentality and the way of understanding things.) For the revolution of the concept of Army Military, I mean that to be expanded and strengthened the role of the conscientious objector that must be restructured in a more organic way, and in a broader context, systematic, effective and comprehensive, whose activities are carried out following a plan developed on a large scale.    To help us see things in the right profile (in my opinion), the conscientious objector should not even be called like that, but simply considered a member of that part of the Army who is not employed to the arms, but in the Social Services field (such as shopping for an old woman with movement disabilities), but with the same efficiency, organization and discipline of an army. Towards this project, it would be nice to do this service without any wage, it will be a kind of tax paid with the labour.



The social activities explicated by the Army (women included), can range from assistance to old people, children, renovation of water systems in countries where there is no water at night patrols, giving security services in the worst areas and the most risky ones. Basically, in any sector (which can be the food too) in which there is an immediate gain for private enterprises, there must be the presence of the Army, either in the Armed Forces (formed by professionals), whether it is urban warfare, international policing operations as has happened in recent years (in this case, the professionals need to be more than professional), or in the guise of Social Assistance Force,  as in the case mentioned before. (After all, this lady, having paid their taxes during her life, now she have the service back), as well as the assistance of sick people at home  or any kind of disabilities..    Of course, within this army, there will be professionals specialized in different fields. Basically, the military service could be seen as a tax that the citizen, male or female, in full possession of their physical strength, pay with their labour, giving a good assistance service to the whole society, were real needs of the population are satisfied. Obviously, this point of view will give you the chance to realize that there are a lot of working places available, more than what we think. Dante teaches us that the human being is not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge . If a person takes away the constant worry and fear of losing their jobs, or do not find it, building up a good career will result really hard. So once that the basics need of a society are fully satisfied there will be time and money left, so everyone will be able to enjoy sports and culture.    After the satisfaction there should be a huge list of interest that everyone of should be able to enjoy, I find really disgusting the fact that someone can make the ends meet just because of his/her lucky on finding that job. The right to eat reminds me to a book: “Se questo è un uomo” by Primo Levi, in which you could live or die for a simple yes or a simple no, although in this case everything was more serious, brutal and dramatic. If the Social Assistance Forces could meet people’s need, a lot of other activities could be carried out, to evolve our person as the study of arts, music, entertainments, sports, science and whatever.



   My proposal, therefore, is the following



1. Expand the Army services, trying to assign them different roles, from the security of a nation to the social care ones.


2. At this point, attach the Project, another little project which seems to be the natural consequence. Everything in our society should work as an engine, “everything consumed should be re-used”. In this regard, once that the compulsory education is ended, the boy / girl not major yet, he is accorded a period of a few years (to be determined), which will have time to find a job or, in case he’s following university courses, pass some tests, to determine how many here.


3. If you have made this successfully, that is, finding a job or passing exams at the University, you will be fine, but, if at the University you didn’t reach any goal, or you were unable find a job, considering that you are a minor and that is still necessary for you  to be sustained by the family, you may be enrolled in a para-military organizations, according to your abilities, where it is necessary. It 'absolutely negative that a young man spend most of his day laying in bed because it has nothing to do and when he gets up, being overloaded with energy, without knowing what to do.   


4. The activities of these organizations of para-military, could be those of integrating the Army itself which we have now described as the Armed Forces or Forces of Social Assistance and as it has been said, could be considered as a tax paid in kind


5. At this point, the solution for unemployment is to open those army for everyone, in this way everyone will be able to participate and became an active member.


 6. Working in the Army will allow you to purchase “for free” in determinate supermarket, in which they will be eligible to discounts or even free goods. It’s up to them if enrolling part or full time, the mechanism will be the same as the Cooperative one (previously mentioned).   


7. This labour, freely offered by people will give the chance to improve as becoming helpful for the whole society.   


8. The same reasoning could be applied for prisoner, as their debt with the society could be paid in this way, useful for the nation.      


9. Same for all those non-dangerous prisoner, who could be left “free” as long as they’ll provide services to the community.      


So even young people will be able to pay their taxes as labour. Once that the maximum hours will be reached all those guys can do a kind of “extra hours”, in this way they’ll acquire credits from the government. All those boys and girls in the army organization will be in contact with the labour but even with a specialization, they’ll get the chance to improve their knowledge and abilities, so they’ll became ready for their future employment.. So they will be at the right place at the right time.    It would also be a mistake to assume that these activities constitute a form of unfair competition against those people that they are in a position to regularly receive a regular salary, as we have come to understand it today, because such a system, first of all deals with those areas which constitute the backbone of a nation and it would be too precarious to leave in the hands of private individuals who investing their capital, wants a profit.


These activities would require only (or preference) of those areas neglected by the private sector as they do not constitute reason for them to gain, but above all, as the saying goes, is that eating is an appetite, or thing leads to another and so on. I am convinced that with the work you can create new structures and these new facilities, will help The implication of new staff and new activities. If it stops a sector, will stop accordingly another sector that linked, starting a phase of general stop, so that it seems that there is more work, there will be more new need for another job, perhaps by changing from time to time the existing structures, and all this already in itself, constitutes another necessity of work





The principle of this system is thus, making the comparison of our society with the small group of hikers, in which there are those who wash the dishes, clean the floor, throws the garbage bag, in comparing these, the social services referred to above. What does the dishes in the small community after all, carries small, a social service. So the army officer for this purpose, will no longer be only a small handful of Conscientious Objectors, almost heroically do that, why they believe it, but it will be a big system, organic, effective, which is the living force of nation or the Army with all its ramifications (Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Social Assistance) that provides needed services to the society. Basically the idea expressed by Plato's Republic is: man chooses to live in society, in order to feel protected and this in every sense even in terms of unemployment and increasingly for this purpose, each can be helpful.


Some Details


If someone were to have debts to the state, or even to an individual who cannot pay it back, rather than seize the furniture which compensates in part and would only create unnecessary ill-feeling (if not desperate), the individual could be enlisted to time full or in part (depending) and offer its cooperation to the state for free, and if it were a private, turning, the state indemnify the creditor directly recovering in turn, by the free labour of the debtor.    To make more effective the Social Assistance, you could create a race or competition between department and department in the context of the Forces of Social Assistance and within the same activity, that will have a greater number of people under their care, will enjoy considerable advantages to be established.


Unemployment runs out so as those who are unemployed, joining, can enjoy the previously mentioned credit cards (previous design) benefiting from monthly one-digit (only theoretical) that will run out in supermarkets certified with the State in this matter my latest proposal mainly involves purely state activity, but the process will be similar to the Cooperative Doing everything we discussed earlier. It 'clear that whoever is at the disposal of the state, will have to take it very seriously in the sense that if it were to be called, must immediately take (to use a term typically military), and committed to the mission that could vary from' assist children and elderly (if the individual is placed Assistance Forces, or face a riot, if it is written in the Armed Forces).    If otherwise there is no emergency and the individual, which is made available will not be called, you can still benefit from all the advantages that have been said for the fact that he had made available, already constitutes for if a commitment that must be paid. If at this point were to prevail a certain kind of mentality, typical only few Italians (thankfully), or that a rip that is to be available only for ambush, have the advantages listed above, but then dribble very cleverly Ext , emergencies etc.. with an accurate control system, you can avoid the inconvenience and punish the person concerned (much to let him spend the desire to continue in that direction). for fraud against the law.


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