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Between the XIX and XX century there is a literary form that will have its new complex developments: Naturalism in northern France, especially in Paris and the Verismo in Italy, which has different attributes from region to region; Verga in Sicily, in Deledda Sardinia, Tuscany Fucini etc.. These two literary currents, Italian and French, are very similar but not the same thing; Naturalism  talks about events experienced in social contexts, thieves, prostitutes, etc.. The characters in the Verismo however, are poor but honest workers, who struggle, sometimes almost desperately, to build a better future.  The characteristic of these two currents compared to the previous literary movement of Romanticism, lies in the fact that their stories are illustrated as they are, according to the stark reality, whereas in Romanticism facts were exalted and surrounded by an aura of mysticism, definitely needs to show or simply because it was natural for the writers of the time, to enhance the fairytale feeling. It was a kind of literary revolution transform into art, even the bloodiest events of various human affairs.  In my opinion, this new way of expression, evolving, will become what is now called the journalistic language, which illustrate the reality of the world around us as it is, and then tell the truth in a short time also for reasons of space: it is a newspaper.


The Journalistic Mind


In my opinion though, many journalists confuse realism with Bruttismo (that coined a new word). This is definitely wrong because it is true that a fact told so realistic, it can occasionally enclose the ugliness. it is also true that many facts and human events are anything but ugly as in our lives there are bad times and difficulties, but also beautiful moments which must be valued, especially by those who experienced them, at the bottom is also said: God lets the sun rise on the just and on the unjust then, sometimes, there is also the alone or as Primo Levi would say, Truce or,Epicurus: Pause the pain. Thus, for some people, when beautiful moments are not  reported by any journalist no longer fulfils the duty to report. Each of us, however, has his own history, different from each other, that distinguishes us, whatever it is beautiful although sometimes dramatic, however, extremely interesting, it's our history, our life, that creates our identity and if we don’t like it, it is because the cycle of experience is not yet finished; those will be our experiences that will shape our personalities. Of course to deepen all this, you enter, by force of circumstances, in the field of faith which is a matter impossible to be discusses in a few lines.


If a journalist, really wants to be a Verista he doesn’t have to exaggerates the bad facts and omits the beautiful ones because they are not considered interesting or attractive, is no longer a Verista but a Falsista (from fake... nice paradox isn’t it?) Believing perhaps be just realist, only because it tells bad things, as evidenced by this story, true, lived in modern times that has much of the flavour of a fairy tale but just a singular thing: it is absolutely true. In Tuscany just after the 2nd World War, there was a boy of humble origins, who decided to go to the north in Turin in order to work for Fiat and did so. At the time there were many Italians, especially from the south, that were leaving home to settle in Turin, working for this automotive industry and so he did.


His mindset was definitely for mechanics and during his tenure at Fiat, he absorbed as much knowledge as he could, all the tricks and the tricks of the trade, the basic concepts, to become a talented mechanic in Turn. When he was ready, with its wealth of experience in the industry, he left the Fiat and opened a small factory of mechanical tools and accessories for cars, he chose the best workers (having become an expert in the field, he could also choose the right staff), and so with that little factory he made a fortune that was reinvested each times, making it grow from time to time, increasing its production and its profits. We can say that from there a short time, with such a factory, he built a fortune made in a more than honest way. He met, in the meantime, a Sicilian girl also settled in Turin, they married and in a little while, they had a baby girl. Everything was going perfectly, the factory proceeded optimally and family, definitely solar, its satisfactions which were mostly felt as the two protagonists were of humble origins and had come to Turin not to make a fortune (as for those who go to America), but simply to find simple job.


The Daily Life, Full of Pink


So it was that, whereas everything was going wonderfully both parents, they decided to increase their standard of living by buying a large piece of land and thus imposing a beautiful Villa (I don’t think is nice when you cannot afford something but still you have specific desires and thus lose the good mood, but when the circumstances are positive, why not to take advantage?) They made things really perfectly, at the entrance of the estate they built the annexe which is a smaller building than the house itself. In this construction, although smaller, nothing was lacking, there were an entrance, a bedroom and so on. The main house had two floors, each of them was a full apartment.  Why had this two apartment building when the family was only one? Because her daughter met a young man, one of his father’s employee. The father was very happy about them because I knew the guy and seeing that their relationship was booming, he decided to build a two floors house, in order to keep them close to him, the two apartments were separate only by a staircase. They come to the North to find a job but he has been very lucky and a solar and serene future was prospecting.


A Small Hiccup


When everything follows the plans with, life would become a deadly paranoia and the human mind won’t evolve. In fact, things did not go exactly as they had expected, even if the their life was still nice and pleasant. What was the mishap? The mishap was that as soon as the accommodation was ready to move in, the young couple had a figth, and finally they embarrassed their parents who built that house, not a small one but a fully finished one. Since they did not know what to do with it, they decided, for the moment, to leave it as it was, just waiting to see what would happen next. The girl without a partner, continued to work with the father as always, without thinking about her ex boyfriend. The father and the mother, however, were very disappointed because, besides having prepared, with all the best intentions for their future, a beautiful accommodation, just one floor up (the dream of all parents with an only child) they knew the young man since he was a child, as well as his parents, and in their imagination, they saw him father many of many children which could have brought plenty of joy in their life.


When it Rains it Pours


One day enters a new customer came in, a distinguished and handsome gentleman, who was served by the daughter of our character, and he asks the articles he needed looking at her, suddenly, intensely into her eyes.... It 's done , between them something started. After few days, they were dating, in the most luxurious places of the city. At last comes the day when she decides to introduce the guy to her family, so they had a dinner in their house, in order to meet the new boyfriend. To start a good relationship, we should tell everything at the beginning so that it can last over time; in order to know as much as possible about the partner, so that nasty surprises will be avoided.


Practically the girl learns that her future husband, was the son of an industrialist among the most important in Europe with factories and properties in France, Germany, England, Italy and so on. The considerable fortune that our character built through his work and his ability in the field, could not even be compared to that of the future son-in-law in that sense, he was competing in a much higher level: It's raining only when is already wet. Currently, the two spouses after selling their business, spend the first few days of the week in their villa with the empty upper floor, meant to be for their daughter. They did not want to use it for other things, was intended for the daughter and her first boyfriend, and this was to remain. In the middle of the week, the couple, used to leave from their villa in Piedmont and visit the daughter who lives with her husband in a grand and luxurious accommodation in Montecarlo where they had another accommodation close to their daughter’s one...


You can tell a life of work, satisfaction and success... Apart from the small hiccup of which it was said. If those facts (who knows how many there are) would be published in the newspapers in a fairly methodical way, whereas human beings are very impressionable, I believe that the diseases related to exhaustion and nervous disorders, would fall more than 50 %... I hope that this will be the new way of writing articles and in the future all journalist  would adopt this method.

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