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As you well know, there are indirect messages and direct messages which of course, are more subtle and therefore the most dangerous ones. It is much more difficult to trace their origin and consequently, find the real culprit. However, such messages exist, they may have a scope even not always predictable and, as said, they can be dangerous.
As first thing, I want to explain few examples, to demonstrate that what I say is absolutely true, even if you will need a little bit of observation. I used to work in a school, here one day some external people came to convince students not to smoke. They brought these students with their teachers (including myself), in a large room (The Main Hall of the school). Here they projected and displayed on the monitor, any damage caused by the constant smoking and anti-smoking slogans. One of those was showing the image of a skeleton with a cigarette in his mouth, saying proudly "I smoke because I'm old now" or "Why do you smoke? I do not know ... but so do others "... and so on.
In connection with these slogans, was also said on that occasion, that the authors of a specific anti-smoking commercials, had serious legal problems. It seems, they were denounced by some cigarette manufacturers because “they had a type of unfair advertising...” How this propaganda would be unfair?... Now I will try to explain it. I can guarantee a lot of good laughs because this is an incredible thing, you will see what can be reached by the bad human faith.
Basically in this anti-smoking commercials, with a very charming background music, you can see the male figure of a character “as a hero and very brave”, manly and bold. The kind of guy that every boy wants be, and every girl wants as a partner (as the saying: “loved by women and respected by men”).
This type of men, so-called “machi”, are represented in the film...
Typical image is the one of one of those guy, that few seconds before the action, after smoking the last part of cigarette, drops it in the floor. After using his foot turn off the cigarette butt he goes to do some enterprise...


Note the malice and the bad faith of people planning those things... In this smoke ad you can also see one of these characters, very theatrically, slowly turns around and make tough, someone who knows the world, who has seen the worst of everything. He says: I do not like the smoke, I don’t smoke, I have never smoked and never I will"... You would not believe, but there was a lawsuit. It’s a pity that I have never been informed and I do not know how it turned out.
These people, apparently, have filed a lawsuit, without realizing that doing it they have shown that was already a big subliminal message. This is an incredible thing, that none would notice, except a group of few people. The message was (and is) within our own human psychology and pure, very deeply rooted. Who doesn’t hope to be like those guy of the television? Beloved by women and admired by men? P. Helli, has an inseparable behaviour with the cigarette which is always in his mouth.
So that a young man who wants to succeed, to feel his presence, maybe even to impress girls, doesn’t need anything else than buying a nice package of cigarettes and ruin his health.
But these Cigarettes producers are betrayed, complaining because it made clear that the cigarette was only show that this guy... is a smoker. Here we can see what a subliminal message is: the figure of a perfect man with the cigarette, it became a single thing.


Certainly if you see another Ad with a guy who doesn’t smoke and never will, it will create an inconvenient situation to those people who manage these interests. What I say, it’s only to highlight the fact that attitudes or phrases that come together with a situation can be really dangerous.
Basically we are completely guided by those things, even if we thing to have the chance to be and to do anything we like. We must be aware of this hidden power (sure it can be worse if the situation is the war).



The art of managing sensations


Following these experiences, like a worm into my mind, led me to reflect not just about human malice and bad faith, lived in so unnoticeable place. It is clear that my mind, it is now open to some knowledge of human psychology, about how you can manipulate people, even if they are aware of it and, the most important thing, without assuming direct responsibility in that. Everything seems to be so natural when, instead, everything is handled with ability. Now I ask myself: If you can manage sensations and even, sometimes, the feelings of adults, perhaps for the purposes of pure interest, why isn’t possible to control emotions and feelings of children ranging from 11 to 13 14 years? Perhaps even for stupid interests than for ordinary cigarette Ads?
I think so. As part of my job, teaching in the school, you may experience occasional discomfort;




Subliminal messages in the school



Here's how it can be a subliminal message in environments such as school, perhaps from a colleague who wants to hold onto his subject and not confuse it with other (perhaps with music): "Ok guys, this teacher will make lesson, I recommend, you must respect him because every field has equal importance and therefore” When nothing happened yet, why he needed to day that? I am sure that you will understand, I will say however that the subliminal message, the keyword, the virus, which as you bust a computer, do the same for all employment relationships over time, is highlighted.
But the speech seemed aimed in a positive sense, the author made a good speech, giving of himself, the image to give a favour to his colleague, instead is the opposite... He says that you have to respect the colleague, accept his music teaching and so on. Saying: You have to respect him (especially when nothing has happened yet) isn’t given the fact that he is already a respected colleague? There is no need to headlight it! If it must be reminded, means that students tend to non respect and if there is this tendency, it means that in the past was the same.


So, if this teacher is respectable why wasn’t given? (Students could also wonder the reason of those precaution).
It is clear that there is the probability, given that children are a lot, there will always be someone, perhaps those unstable and in need of support, that they are authorized to disrespect this person... That is one of the reason why the teacher (mainly at the beginning) need to put all his energies to establish the original situation of respect. It's curious, at this point,
Instead of criticize or blame such actions (which is still questionable whether the author is aware of it) how wonderful it would be to use these great opportunities only for positive purposes, for someone who is an expert in these things, he may be able to get a lot and not even take responsibility for what he wants to say and achieve.




Other keywords in the school



Still in school and always for the same reason, another key word. This is one colleague who, as well, wants to keep himself up (in spite of others who will be forced down): "Behave with this teacher, because it’s an important subject, otherwise you’ll fail this year at school" (did you find the keyword?) Is not certain him who take this decision, but a whole commission, even after long and tiresome meetings.
The other subliminal message in the message is: “The music is as important as other subjects”... there was a need to say that? Absolutely not, already the Ministry of Education took the decision of compulsory music studies in school. It is clear that it was necessary because, probably, most people do not think that it is important. The good guy will say: "I will behave myself then I will give to the music (or other subjects) the due importance.
Here we must make an effort in that direction when, there is no need to make any efforts... You should treat this subject as for any school discipline. It’s really easy.



Subliminal messages in other contexts


I remember as a teenager, once I was at the beach, I was attracted by a large meeting of people. There was music and, in a kind of large outdoor area, people sitting around, attending the show that was in progress. I reached the square opposite the entrance, and... I didn’t joying it! Because, in addition to a high price, it was a show with transsexual guys and, onestly, I wasn’t interested at all.
I was still in the entry forecourt to spend time with my peers. Suddendly one of the managers of the show, comes to us with saying loudly: "Guys, you cannot absolutely come in." "But we don’t want to enter" and him, unperturbed, as if he had not heard. "If you want to join you must first pay the ticket" "Look we have absolutely no intention to join you" and the more fearless than ever, as if he didn’t heard what we said "But really, we cannot work with this situation..." “Do not worry... we won’t join you at all” and the other said “At this point then, I am obliged to call the police." Virtually everything he said, was not even totally understood, to avoid trouble we went away (I wonder if perhaps, he understood that we didn’t care at all of his show?)


What are subliminal messages?... Again I want to have fun rattle off the dynamics of this way of talking, saying: "Absolutely you cannot get in" just to let others know that his show was too good and therefore as everyone was willing to watch it; even abusively, his wanted to stop the excessive influx of customers (when in fact, was quite the opposite). Asb we were concerned, we had absolutely no desire to see his show... the only goal was to enhance the event and encourage those present to join as well. When I go into the these mental process, I almost feel sick, but sometimes it is good to notice this passages; really a devious way of thinking...
Another example, now that my memory started working: long time ago, I heard from some people that in Switzerland (the French part), before the war (or shortly after, I forget), was a little village with a strong Catholic concentration, maybe the entire community was Catholic; an environment reminiscent of a very beautiful French film, Chocolat. In this village, there was an evangelist who was following his gospel (different interpretation) in the area, within few days, he reached this little village which was already informed of his  arrival ... Everyone was in alert.
The pastor then, in his Sunday sermon, he made the speech to the people. Such a discourse, as we can imagine, considering the environment particularly enhanced, inflamed, to hear "deep disdain" for those people, it created a collective psychosi, let off steam in some way... At this point, during the sermon, when the climate had reached the right level of collective excitement, here comes the fateful subliminal message contained in a sentence of the sermon, which I interpret as a virus... "Absolutely, as we are Christians, we must stop this individual in all ways, but do not use violence...!”


Apart from the subliminal message, I'm sure you know where it is, try to guess what happened... Well done, you guessed it .... is ... is exactly what happened. When that man, who believed in his ideal, reached his destination, first entered the village... and after, he was  in hospital with concussion, broken bones, bruises and welts all over his body, and so many other injuries...
I think that when human beings have learned that they grow up, not only physically, but inside, they can immediately locate any subliminal message and respond appropriately because they have developed their own independent judgment.


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