Before presenting this argument, I wish to inform any reader, that my intent is not to change an idea to those who already have one, and even a new one in case you don’t. All I want is to express mine. It’s even possible that my idea would sound strange to some of you (and maybe one day I will have to recognize in it a few mistakes, so change my opinion). Meanwhile, I'm weird that I consider what has been my education and training already from when I attended the school, strange that I still see now that I have become in my turn, a teacher.


When I attended the school, our teacher covered more chairs: Religion, History and Latin (it was possible to do so). I remember once, at the end of the hour of religion, during which he had just finished explaining the story of Adam, created by God, Eve, original sin, the serpent, etc., the bell rings, and the professor said ... " Guys, close the religion  book and open the history one... I will start from the very beginning, from the origins of life on earth "(but wasn’t it already mentioned in the hour of religion?) .... Life on earth began from the sea, fishes ... as a result there was an evolution and amphibians arrived, reptiles, birds, mammals and finally, the man who descended from monkeys .... Allow the undersigned, as a result of this blatant and contradictory teaching methodology, remains a bit puzzled? ...


When he said these things, in fact, I was thinking that the same person said two totally discordant facts, He  spoke of God, of Heaven, Earth, etc. Probably the teacher saw me, all of a sudden, my face expression was puzzled and very thoughtful and confused, I was trying to figure out how to mix these two versions,  different from each other, that was to say, after a short pause .... "Courage Giulio ... wake up ... it's daylight" ..... Life is really strange, my classmates instead, which was fine no matter what, that man descended from monkeys and at the same time, that would also be created directly by God in the Garden of Eden, they were considered awake.


This was also another contradiction, since it seemed to me just the opposite. In fact I was only 11 years old, but I did not allow me to take you around ( I don’t wanna say any bad word) telling me one thing first and immediately after another, to the contrary. Now I wonder how are the programs of the Ministry of science and religion ... if each of them, shall hold at least realize that there is another school of thought and it is proposed therefore most humbly, as one of the currents of thought and nothing more, in order to avoid daze unnecessarily boys.


We talk about reforms .... however, considering that the school is taught, the teaching should come before all else therefore, avoid above all that is contradictory, if this is not really possible, at least offer the various currents of thought, as more options than the subject, according to the His mentality and sensibility, accept or reject in its future, as a free choice of knowing, even the current program to the other.


It’s clear that I, as a result of these extravagant lessons, which will be a constant in the world of education, not religiously respect for this pseudo considering culture as a culture approximate meaningless, with no values, superficial, notional ... and nothing else.


For this reason, I do not put much to break up, and with great ease (almost with pleasure) these theories, even if covered with a lot of authority and respectability, if I find inconsistencies and contradictions in them ... Sometimes, I seem to be the simpleton (and I say almost with pride) who said: The king is in his underwear..... nothing but refined dress. The simpleton these things known why? Why anyone who enjoys too much this consideration, the risk of being gagged like fear of sorrow, and consequently lose the regard in which the way, does not say what he thinks .... Bad situation, it is definitely better to be considered, but I can say that you think (no offense of course) ... In this way that you truly live.



Hybrid mating


Seen from the foregoing and thanks to the obvious inconsistencies that we see every day in what should be the transmission of values and culture (the school), I learned to assimilate the concepts in a very critical way and only if, at the level of common sense and knowledge of the few in my possession, the thing known is feasible, where there are no inconsistencies, otherwise I refuse everything. One problem that has always fascinated me, for example, since I was little, was the one of the disappearance of the dinosaurs.


The answer I've always sought in every way and now I think I will not say it discover with certainty, as at the age of dinosaurs I wasn’t born yet (as well as my potential readers), but I find that the conclusion to which I have come as a result of the information received and the personal connections I made, is the most feasible and where possible, on a personal level, they are almost guaranteed because it is in my mind, is the one that flows better ... here's my conclusion:


It’s well known that hybrid animals such as the mule, the son of a horse and a donkey, cannot have offspring. In fact, the donkey and horse belong to the same family, but not the same species. The result of their intersection is the mule, which, as we all know, will not have offspring. Once, a farmer told me that very rarely happened that a mule had a son, but it is absolutely certain that, this forklift will never have another child because this is impossible as he is an hybrid.


On another occasion, a florist told me that the biggest dream of florists is to, through several intersections, creating new species of flowers, perhaps with green petals, or whatever, but these growers have resigned their dream because it is nearly impossible as the strange flowers, derived from crosses, will always return to their fixed species.


The situation is different instead of the Dobermann dog (named after its inventor), which can generate infinite. This breeder, Dobermann was able to get this race and that he continued his descendants in perpetuity because it occurred within the canine species and between different species as is the case of the donkey and the horse. Perhaps not everyone knows that the wolf, fox, jackal and the dog (with all its many variants), are part of the same species for which, between them, they can procreate indefinitely.


I am almost certain that the illustrious Darwin, did a bit 'of confusion between the variants that can be found within a species and the similar ones of the same family (donkey and horse), but they are not the same species and therefore, they will never have a seed for ever ....



Mythology and reality


Now that I planted my stakes or, I framed things with this detailed preface that I considered necessary because, although not the only one who thinks so, I noticed that the so-called official culture is accepted by all, without filters (though there inconsistencies are amazing) but that is not official, and almost never speak from experience so that it can leave very surprised, even if the puzzle pieces are wonderfully for them.


So, before my idea will be considered like crazy, I felt it appropriate to explain those considerations: 
Now, at the core of the problem: each population has its myths and legends where, very often, it is the transcendental, the fantastic and the supernatural. In these stories, the stories of humans being with those of the gods, and so on. How is it that in ancient times, when there was no internet, Alice, mailbox, etc. ... there was always the common denominator? That all these people were talking or almost always, in fact legendary, incredible and fantastic (at least for us), which often appears elaborated stories in which the supernatural, magic as a constant element of these events, where you can find an affinity between them as in the supernatural?


Good question isn’t it? Allow me to venture an answer: in Genesis (cannot remember which paragraph) it is written that when men multiplied on the earth, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and attractive so went down to the ground and began to wives. Whereas multiply, already takes men as well as women, and that in the lexicon of the bible, children of God means: angels, even theologians are agreed that these sons of God were angels who rebelled against God (rebelled because what they were doing was certainly not allowed to them), went down to the ground or, materialized in a physical body and had sexual relations with humans. In an environment of perfection, everything has to be in place but everything must be linked into a free float therefore, these angels could you materialize to contact humans, but certainly not to have sexual relations with them. It 'said that the result of these reports were the famous giants, heroes of ancient times, they were called the Nephilim that seems to say, if I remember correctly, from the sky.


As it happens, in the legends of various nations, as we said before, we often find people who are or demigods (children of spiritual beings or spiritual beings) would be really superficial to say that in these things there is no relationship. These beings did not have sex because spiritual (or angels), but could materialize at will in human beings or in animals and probably could do so with a human body.


I personally believe that they preferred the male body because everything was more rapid after conception could return in his environment, but if we consider the legend of Achilles, of course, there were also experiments of materialization of women, even if only for experimental purposes (when loses the true Light, which must proceed the test method). All this, I believe, occurred before the flood. After the flood, when mankind began to multiply by splitting it into many different peoples, each of them kept these folk tales handed down originally by the family of Noah, giving mythological characters, later on, the style, the look, the iconography of the nation and civilization that was forming and that he kept these stories and traditions, like the Olympians of ancient Greece.


I believe, therefore, that the various legends and mythologies, is “the daughter” of folk tales that were handed down from father to son after the Flood, events happened before the Flood, as told in the first place, from the family of Noah to their offspring. as the population grew, to have its precise features, powered by the elements of civilization that kept precisely these stories, but the facts certainly, occurred before the flood.


Basically, the mythological tales, such as those of Greece, are almost true I only need to extrapolate from the Greekness of which are covered because surely the facts, as stated, took place long before the birth of Greek civilization, that is, before the flood. Basically, reading the mythological tales with a certain sense of observation, perhaps it is possible to reconstruct the facts and events that actually happened, for example, here is a story, that has the texture of music, the subject I teach.


This is the legend of Marsyas, the best flutist of the time ... Unfortunately Marsyas is mounted the head and had the bad idea to challenge Apollo, a god who played the harp, a musical contest. Even the musical challenge was conducted in a very doubtful, and when Apollo noticed that Marsyas was great with his flute, to win this race music at all costs, he turned his lyre upside down and continued to play well putting invited to sing after which Marsyas to do the same ... As Marsyas could not play a flute shot on the contrary, much less sing at the same time, it turned out the loser of this curious race. Then Apollo to punish the audacity of Marsyas, flayed him alive, and became a symbol of the flute music for dissolute and low artistic level. If one considers that in many civilizations that arose after the flood, the flute was really considered so, you'd think that a grain of truth in all this must be present... Let's say that this story is steeped in realism and well drama .. . as a music teacher in middle school, I always preferred the soprano recorder with other instruments because it is much more handy and convenient to carry to school for lessons, but for this, I noticed that this tool "lent side "to be" mobbed "and ridiculed .... Who knows that this is not the result of a" cultural regression "which dates from the dawn of time? From before the Flood? ... From the time these events took place? Of course if that were the case, just as it seems, it would be one thing extremely well ludicrous and ridiculous ....


This is a really interesting thing. To get to a certain truth in the legends then, you have to bring the story more back in time, before the rise civilization that greeted this story, get the days before the flood, where it was normal promiscuity among spiritual beings, humans, and well as animals.


Not for nothing the S. Scripture says that at that time, corruption was very incredible and unimaginable. If, after the Flood, humanity had to live with war, disease, pestilence, crime, and now, even with the pollution, before the flood, had to live with this crap. It 's somewhere in Genesis, Noah's time, no meat was pure except for Noah's family. (All had had sexual intercourse, more or less, with other species or even with angels).


Now I come to the point: it is said that Noah's Ark received a pair for each animal good ... this adjective: good, it means that the animal belonged to a species fixed and was not the result of a cross. Other living things, results of crosses, not boarded the ark. If we observe certain animals such as dinosaurs, we see that they were quite ugly and that could hardly be considered as created by God that is not hard to imagine that they, like the Nephilim, or demi-gods (whose plots are terrible and gore, emerging in their legends), were the result of crosses with the rebellious angels.


The real reason why the dinosaurs disappeared, in my opinion, is not the flood itself, as there were too many animals hybrid marine, that the Flood could survive then, in theory, many monsters, we find them still but today it is not so, why? The answer can also be found now, in Saint Scriptures and this time, in the New Testament in one of the few letters that he wrote the Apostle Peter when he said, verbatim: "After the Flood, God did not spare angels when they played the harlot with the creatures of earth, but they sank into Tartars in expectation of judgment "... (took them a chance to materialize yet) I find that this sentence is interesting because it gives all the answers and, among other things, in perfect harmony with what science says, and now I'll explain.



Marine animals


It 's very likely, (in my opinion) that in addition to fishes, whales etc.. which, really do not think that they have entered the ark because it was unnecessary for them, there were many marine hybrids animals, results of crosses, which probably survived the Flood, however, as we have said before, they as hybrid , could not have their own offspring, so it lived their lives, but when it was their time, there were no descendants to preserve the species to other examples, because it was not granted to the rebellious angels, materialize again.


As I said, God sank the angels who prostituted with the earthly beings that is, deprived them of the right to materialize on earth, so that there is no longer close encounters of this type, the hybrid creatures that survived the Flood, gradually went extinct without arise more similar examples (of these experiences, we reached the saturation, and never will be similar experiences)


Such beings are still prisoners in Earth's atmosphere (the Tartars), can no longer stand before God and before men or even animals, to continue their intrigues. Is likely that those diehards who do not want to repent, follow the morbidly sentimental human events, tormenting the people and not just sexually, but in many ways, in an attempt to try and revive ancient pleasures that never again will try.

This explains why all these hybrid beings disappeared, because they can’t have offspring. Perhaps one day the humanity, after all his incredible adventures, will reach its serenity..... hopefully as soon as possible.


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