The Flood is an event which, combined with some connected icons gives us: pictures of Noah's Ark, the animals will come in pairs, etc., All those images are part of the cultural baggage that we carry with us since our childhood and then, which is at if a child something, which in some respects is fascinating and on the other, it seems a bit... Childish. It’s clear that, over time, the individual as an adult and maybe, after also studied the theory of' Evolution, consider the story of the Ark, as a thing of the past ... just for children. The biblical arguments are good for children, scientific studies however, are others, much more important and certainly more serious and concrete... In fact, the experimental method inaugurated by Galileo, is very important, but also human psychology is not to be and whether one is in love with a certain theory (such as Darwin) with an incredible fireworks, to be able to say to science, all he wanted was the power of thought to which it is linked and this curious fact, without even being aware of it. It is really hard to be impartial, but it is a real scientist, or at least tries to be, and his remarks, no matter what he personally would like it or not, are always a result of a scientific experiment carried out with absolute rigor.


When we speak of the famous Great Flood, in many people resurface, as mentioned, childhood memories, but also religious, probably because the first information on this subject have had them in religious circles (when they were just children), so the fact is treated as a something linked to their religion that can be accepted by the subject, if there is still a religious, or be completely rejected if it is no longer a religious (but also in this case, there is a position which makes it difficult a healthy and spontaneous reasoning). I personally believe that very few times the event of the flood is taken into account regardless of religious reference, whether in favour or against. In my opinion, religion should not come into question at all (or even opposition to the religion itself), in order to let the human brain, especially that of the scientist, a specialist in the field, can work peacefully in assessing the data in its possession.


The religious man, speaking of the Flood, by faith accept the event (this is also an error) without a hint of criticism or research, and the man not religious however, tends to criticize everything (although believed to be goal) because before him, there has already been a decision: to reject religion thus proving to be more religious than ever, because it links the event of the Flood to the religion itself, just what one truly scientific spirit would not absolutely, thus rejecting, everything in the block.


It would be really interesting to see, or at least groped to do so, as things turned out (especially as it was the Flood) making use of the various tests that we have not excluded the biblical witnesses (if there are, there must be a reason, how would the singer Cocciante says) and they should be taken into account, just as it was for the writing of the pharaohs when, during Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, he was able to decipher the Rosetta Stone and thus know the whole Egyptian history . Because there is much more critical in what they say the Saint Scriptures that the Egyptian inscriptions? Because in Saint Scriptures there is a religious reference which requires non-religious to reject everything in a single block and religious, to argue in itself, but always influenced and in reference to religion ... The true scientist knows divide things and evaluate them for what they are ... but who is really wise enough to know not to know and to trust only to that which is a result of his experiments and his research? I, the undersigned, write despite all these nice things, I can’t bring him to say: “I am in love with a theory, that of creation”.


If you are considered hieroglyphs to reconstruct Egyptian history, those of the Assyrian-Babylonian cuneiform to reconstruct the history of the Middle East, I do not understand, religion aside, because we should not take into consideration the characters, or rather, writing biblical which, among other things, has been translated and retranslated into many languages. It 'clear that, and here another problem arises, take the Bible strictly to the letter, is a huge mistake, just as it would be if one were to take literally a translation done by computer, maybe with Google: translation, languages and notes etc.. In these cases it is necessary to translate the sense and in the same way, when you read the Bible, we should have a some common sense and knowledge of history, trying to understand what life was like and the mentality of the people of that time, and read the Bible taking into account all the possible translations that give us this result... Rely on common sense and our consciousness, but the Bible is always an interesting clue for us that we may always be considered as a valuable track ... a cloth base.



Those Opposed To The Biblical Version


Some scientist are unfavourable to the biblical version, with regard to the Flood, they argue that the water present in the earth is always the same, so it couldn’t could cover everything on our planet . In addition, by measuring the carbon, (scientific method), it appears that the earth is older than millions and millions of years and, according to the traditional biblical version, a little more than 6,000 years for which, according to them, the Bible would only balderdash due to this measurement of carbon precisely. From there we see that the idea that it is only one that counts and not a sober and impartial search for truth because, as scientists, should know (and surely know) the evidence of the carbon is correct, but on condition that the molecules that form the material examined, has never been exposed to really high temperature or fire, in this case all would be altered and jumps of millions and millions of years, would be only a small thing.


They made some experiments, with a linen cloth dating back to 2,000 years ago. It is at first, the experiment proceeded carbon to see if the sheet was really 2,000 years old. Later the same condition was created to reproduce the fire that the shroud underwent in Chambery... after which, we repeated the measurement of carbon molecules of the cloth. After the treatment, the molecules re-examined, not indicated as most dating to 2,000 years ago, but with a variation of approximately 1,500 years (quite a lot) as a result, the measurement of the carbon is not a science so exact, and still can be evaluated as a science?



Before The Flood


The version I find more reliable about the Great Flood, is the following:
The earth, very different from what we are used to see now, had a large ground water. Even today there are large lakes and underground rivers, but at that time, they were much more. Basically, at a depth of about 15 Miles. There was a dense network of rivers and lakes height of about one Mile, communicating each other. A little bit like the Finnish lakes. This large body of underground water, was intended to cool the soil from the heat coming from the innermost part of the earth.
Another great quantity of water instead, was in the air, it was steam; this mass of water probably included a third of all the water existing on the planet; the other two parts were divided between the underground water and the surface one (sea, lakes, rivers, etc.)



Wonderful !


Everything was very well organized (that’s why it was called The Earthly Paradise) For surface water (sea, lake etc) and evaporated continuously fed water from the sky (to use the typical biblical expression), i.e. all mass of steam that enveloped the earth. This mass did not have time to condense into clouds and fall as rain, as it was constantly absorbed by tall trees which were then very common, such as eucalyptus, redwood, etc... which, unlike the other trees, do not drink through their roots, but through the leaves so that the steam was constantly attracted and absorbed by the vegetation and this mass of steam was like a lake on one side fed by a river and on the other hand, emptied by another river that takes away... So the water of the lake was constantly renewed. In summary, the evaporation of water adds to the mass of steam, and the absorption of the same water through the high vegetation, detracts from the mass, what would become too many.


All this, however, would result in the ground, a real swamp because of the large mass of the moisture from the atmospheric water steam, constantly absorbed by those large trees, but here's another little miracle provided by nature: all other plants, those that are not extremely high, just like the average height, drank through the roots, thus drying the ground, with a blue sky that remains always as there is no condensation of stem, the soil is always dry, thanks to those normal trees that absorb the water through the roots and the right humidity all around an environment was just perfect, as we all know, is devastated by the flood ... the question is more spontaneous to understand how this happened considering that everything was so perfect.


The thing that is most natural to think (when there are no specific indications, you can’t do otherwise), what follows: while not disdaining some tips taken from the Holy Scriptures in which it is said that the people of that time, had become very, very bad (a bit as it is today, for that matter). We all know that the children’s mind can be full of perverse thinking, so that a children could be event worst than an adult. I will say that when I was 5-6 years, for example, I had so much fun torturing lizards just for the sake of seeing them suffer, so many other kids were doing so, and I was only a child, a cute tiny and pretty child... as they say in Naples... “un pezzo e core di Mamma e Papà”... Returning to the main theme, in the Middle East there is a lot of oil and deserts, it is clear that once upon a time, there were many forests (the witness could be the oil) but now, as we can see, the forests are gone. It seems clear, therefore, that in these places there was, in very ancient times, a logging carried out on a large scale, as is currently the case in the Amazon forests (last bastion of Eden) made by our society, which is certainly not better than and then the old one, or respect for nature, nor does it have the sensitivity to see its beauty.



Two Disasters In One


Here are the consequences of these remote logging, carried out on a large scale:


(The water of the deep)


1) The land is completely cleared, collects all the warmth of the sun and begins to overheat, so that the underground water of the deep (to use the biblical term), rather than refurbish, as it should, it begins to boil. In time, by dint of boiling, will do exactly as it does when the water rises to the surface of the kettle, just found a weak point of the land, will erupt violently, type of effect, geysers, getting out and pushing violently, among other things, to incredible heights and then fell tumbling to the ground.


(The water of the firmament)


2) Being that, as mentioned, extensive areas were completely cleared, here is that it lacks the means, the channel for the condensation of steam in the water, or the plants, suitable to gradually absorb the mass of steam that envelops the earth (like the water of the firmament) to transfer it, via the plants themselves, to the ground.
This evaporation will continue to accumulate steam in the air, without having the possibility to discharge because of the lack of trees (due to deforestation), accumulating more and more dangerous and threatening in the sky. It would appear that the flood was the result of two cataclysms occurring at the same time, however caused, only one cause: the indiscriminate deforestation carried out on a large scale.



A Disaster Waiting To Happen


It is clear that the evaporation is accumulating steam in the sky, without an outlet, due to the intensive deforestation, could not last forever... sooner or later all the water evaporated, had to return to the ground, this time in the form of really heavy rain, but even catastrophic being that for the first time, a similar phenomenon had taken place atmospheric... the rain. It could be devastating and if we add the explosion of the “deep water” it could be the worst disaster ever. (That’s why when it happened in the past God announced Noah to built Ark ). According to studies conducted by experts in the field, at the time seem to have been more the land that is not under water, as it is today.. So all the water that entirely covered the globe.


A lot of water was in heaven in the form of steam, a lot of water in lakes and underground rivers and the rest, on the surface it would seem, at the time the surface of the land was lower than what it is nowadays. Practically, I think, a lot of water fell during the flood, there is more withdrawn completely, thus enlarging the surface of the sea... Maybe it was the Atlantis civilization, a civilization existed before the Flood, following what Plato says? In our imagination, we are used to see the world before the Flood, as very primitive when it certainly existed a great civilization which disappeared with no survivors. In fact, to build a ship like that was necessary to buy a high-end technology, it is said of Tubal Cain (probable brother of Noah) that was considered a great master in the art of forging metals of all kinds, and also, of Jubal, who was considered the inventor of all the wind instruments... So we can well to note that before the flood technology such as music and art in general were highly developed. It is clear that the family of Noah after the flood divulged this information to their descendants from father to son, until probably the generation of Plato and beyond, it may be that Plato, collecting popular rumours at the time, the source of which was the family of Noah, found material to write his Work.



Consequences of two disasters:
“the water of the sky” and “the water of the deep”


The Water Of The Firmament


I think it's very interesting to see the consequences of the devastating effects of the flood, seen in their two aspects: the explosion of the floodgates of the heavens and those of the deep... Maybe after the disaster, everything returned to the previous situation, unfortunately it was not so. The earth, underwent substantial changes who influenced our lives... While the rain before, for the reasons given, there was, there is now, becoming as a temporary solution and the necessary temporary traffic water, but there were also other consequences, one of which was the intoxication of ozone.


Ozone is a gas that was above the mass of steam before the flood, as lighter (The Great Artist prepared everything for perfection), its aim was to filter the strong radiation of the sun which are quite dangerous But the human being could be as bad as the ozone, the great mass of water protected us from that. In practice, this gas, the ozone, was protecting humans from radiation of the sun, and the mass of water steam, protecting humans from direct contact with ozone as harmful, if it is in close proximity... With the event of the Flood, passed away the protection it offered this great mass of water, due to the precipitation in the form of rain, so was also lacking the protection of man by ozone, which at close distances, mixing all the oxygen, becomes highly dangerous as mentioned.


Now we know that the intoxication of ozone, which occurs when the gas is mixed with oxygen, produces premature aging and coincidentally, in the divine word has been said that after the Flood, human life will drop on average life expectation of 80 years, to search years or so, whereas the average life span, before the Flood, ranged from 800 to 900 years or so (not bad right?) precisely because at that time, there was still the intoxication of ozone, thanks to the protection offered to the steam mass, by this dangerous gas.


There is another thing to consider about the disappearance of the mass of water vapor, which occurred after the Flood, which previously enveloped the whole earth, it seems that this mass held as compressed oxygen, thus being more compressed oxygen, every breath of air, was a lady breath of fresh air as if enclosed in a large amount of oxygen therefore, more life-giving power, transmitting to the entire organism more vitality.



The Water Of The Deep


We have seen that the water that was in the ground about 15 km from the surface to the height of about a mile and had the obvious purpose of cooling the deeper subsurface of the earth, lacking the many plants and large vegetation in general that was to the surface, rather than cool, began to overheat and consequently, does not cool more subterranean parts deeper but on the contrary, be heated from those, and not a little. Water became very hot because they can not get rid of trapped underground, terribly increased the pressure until they explode. E 'evident that with time, by dint of bubbling, just found the least resistant of the earth's surface, flow out with incredible violence, causing repeating this sequence, for the entire surface of the globe, type: domino effect.


Now, apart from the disaster that this implies above the Earth's surface, we need to see what is happening below the surface. In fact, once the water is released almost completely from a certain area, lake or underground river, where before was water, it creates a vacuum that can have two alternatives, one might be this: the weight that was over this void, it becomes huge because the land and water that has risen above, plunging everything. That is why it is likely that because of this, has increased, the surface of the seas, and in other places instead, the vacuum has been created, it was replaced immediately by an underground fire that, not having obstacles, skyrocketed.


If before the fire depth of groundwater, was kept under control by the large amount of moisture produced by the water of the subsoil closer to the surface (15 K, approximately), which in turn was kept cool, by the great vegetation that was to the surface, with all the water exchanges of which we have spoken, now it is more so because this boiling water, heated from the surface because of the sunlight and, at this point, even the deepest subsoil of the globe, was released tumbling over the Earth's surface, leaving behind a vacuum, once filled with rivers of fire that surely now no brakes, began to run on their way until all their race in some cases, but in other cases, to clash with other rivers of lava. At the point of first contact between the two rivers of lava, rises the highest peak of the mountain chain rising, and the rest of the lava river, lies to the side, forming a chain of mountains lower ....


Being that my job is to prof. Music in middle school, oral examinations at the end of year (to which they are obliged to attend), I have heard at least a thousand times the story, of course, supported by scientific colleagues, that the dynamics of these processes (of these ground motion) , is it ... that described now, but occurred at a time, say ... two or three centimeters a year, to form the present mountains all in the space of a few billion years ... personally I do not think, I have often seen on television, that the rivers of lava does not move at the speed of three or four inch every two or three years, but only at 80 or 90 miles per hour. If two rivers of lava collide at that speed, it doubles becoming of 160 or 180 miles per hour so in a few days, a week at most, can form mountain ranges such as the speed is strongly supported by as you can see on television watching these documentaries so that the mountain ranges have not formed over billions and billions of years, but in a few days, maximum one week. Of course, in such cases (I speak of the oral exams), not speaking to speak my mind, because I have a deep respect for the work of my colleagues, even if I think otherwise



The Time Measurement Through The Carbon


Here the point. Evolutionists claim that the announcement by the Bible is a fairy tale because, according to them, life on earth was billions and billions of years ago, and the few thousand years of which it is said in S. Scriptures, this attribute because all their certainty, in the measurement of carbon, as the only source of information worthy of consideration, when it is a result, behind scientific experiment seen before then, Galileo would be sure, that if the molecules of carbon forming part of an element, are subjected to excess heat (over a number of degrees), something is transformed within the molecule and everything remains out of phase, not more reliably. Now, as you can imagine, as a result of the great upheavals even below the earth's surface, upheavals caused by the explosion of underground water wells, have leaked these rivers of lava then, it really is not hard to imagine that the heat is increased a little But ... let's say so terrifying, altering the molecules and thus giving incorrect information to the supporters of evolution


We can imagine two rivers of lava collide at 80 K, times each. The impact will create a mountain, and hips adagerà the rest of the lava will rise during the impact, the lowest in the mountains, but all of the material that forms is not only hot, but also time, incandescent and liquefied, so that even the molecules will be completely altered .... After the impact, within a very short time, up to one week, maybe not even, the material begins to cool and them not so, here's some vegetable growing: was not just a mountain, but an entire mountain range within almost a week .... We can well imagine the tremendous calorie is in a river of lava. It 'clear that the molecules of carbon will be exceedingly altered, so that it can not be taken more into account for the measurement of the time ...


We can imagine two rivers of lava collide at 80 K, times each. The impact will create a mountain, and hips adagerà the rest of the lava will rise during the impact, the lowest in the mountains, but all of the material that forms is not only hot, but also time, incandescent and liquefied, so that even the molecules will be completely altered .... After the impact, within a very short time, up to one week, maybe not even, the material begins to cool and them not so, here's some vegetable growing: was not just a mountain, but an entire mountain range within almost a week .... We can well imagine the tremendous calorie is in a river of lava. It 'clear that the molecules of carbon will be exceedingly altered, so that it can not be taken more into account for the measurement of the time ...

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